Apollo 18+20

The IF Tribute Album

Honoring the 1992 album by They Might be Giants

Apollo 18+20 cover
Cover image by Ryan Veeder

So, a bunch of us made some interactive fiction games, one game per track on the album Apollo 18 by They Might Be Giants. The regular tracks are generally short games. The Fingertips tracks are one-move games (however the authors interpreted that). Here’s They Might Be Giants. They have lots of great albums besides this one, and you should go buy them all. Here’s the original post about the tribute, and here are the games. You can play them online via the links below, or you can download them to play offline (updated June 4, 2012, 1704 EDT). See “How Do I Play?” at the left if you’re unsure what to do.

01. Dig My Grave by Ryan Veeder
02. I Palindrome I by Nick Montfort
03. She’s Actual Size by Jake Eakle
04. My Evil Twin by Carl Muckenhoupt
05. Mammal by Joey Jones
06. The Statue Got Me High by Ryan Veeder
07. Spider by Andrew Schultz (walkthrough)
08. The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) by Jason B. Alonso, Catherine Havasi, and Val Grimm
09. Dinner Bell by Jenni Polodna
10. Narrow Your Eyes by Ben Collins-Sussman and Jack Welch (Note: to really play this, you’ll need to download it and play it offline, as it requires graphics, not currently supported by the online interpreter. Download the latest version from the development site.)
11. Hall of Heads by Dan Efran
12. Which Describes How You’re Feeling by Adam Parrish
13. See the Constellation by Ed Blair
14. If I Wasn’t Shy by Joey Jones
15. Turn Around by Andrew Schultz (walkthrough)
16. Hypnotist of Ladies by David Cornelson
17. Fingertips: Everything Is Catching on Fire by E. Joyce
18. Fingertips: Fingertips by Michael Hilborn
19. Fingertips: I Hear the Wind Blow by Jacqueline A. Lott
20. Fingertips: Hey Now, Everybody by Melvin Rangasamy
21. Fingertips: Who’s That Standing Out the Window by Melvin Rangasamy
22. Fingertips: I Found a New Friend by Adri
23. Fingertips: Come On and Wreck My Car by Paul Laroquod
24. Fingertips: Aren’t You the Guy Who Hit Me in the Eye? by Michael Hilborn
25. Fingertips: Please Pass the Milk Please by Adri
26. Fingertips: Leave Me Alone by Kevin Jackson-Mead
27. Fingertips: Who’s Knockin’ on the Wall? by Melvin Rangasamy
28. Fingertips: All Alone by Joey Jones
29. Fingertips: What’s That Blue Thing Doing Here? by Ruth Alfasso (cover)
30. Fingertips: Something Grabbed Ahold of My Hand by Melvin Rangasamy
31. Fingertips: I Don’t Understand You by Matt Weiner
32. Fingertips: I Heard a Sound by Kevin Jackson-Mead
33. Fingertips: Mysterious Whisper by Peter Nepstad
34. Fingertips: The Day That Love Came to Play by S. John Ross (readme) (cover) (wallpaper)
35. Fingertips: I’m Having a Heart Attack by Andrew Schultz (walkthrough)
36. Fingertips: Fingertips (Reprise) by Melvin Rangasamy
37. Fingertips: I Walk Along Darkened Corridors by Andrew Schultz (walkthrough)
38. Space Suit by Andrew Schultz (walkthrough)

Thanks to Andrew Plotkin for technical assistance, and thanks to the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction for hosting. Apollo 18+20 was organized by Kevin Jackson-Mead.