Lost Pig

PR-IF Lost Pig flier
The second installment of the PR-IF collaborative IF-playing series was a modern classic: Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota. This deceptively naive-looking charmer won a stack of awards in 2007.

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The room was, once again, packed — roughly twenty people were involved. And I do mean involved; the session was a ferment of shouted ideas and game suggestions. (Some tension developed between the players who wanted to interrogate the gnome for all he was worth, and the players who decided that solving the game meant getting the heck away from the gnome and out into the puzzles. I am happy to report that nothing was set on fire, or even unexpectedly eaten, as a result of these disagreements.)

People took turns driving the keyboard and reading the transcript as it appeared. We had some sterling vocal performances; I think Owen gets unanimous acclaim as Best Grunk Ever.

After about two hours, the pig was successfully rescued, and the game happily concluded with six points (out of a possible seven).

Read the transcript of the game session.

The ustream screencast continues to be imperfect. It was functional through the whole game, but the ads are fairly obtrusive — throwing up a banner ad across the bottom of the screen is particularly cruel for an IF window. Also, nobody was passing suggestions along from the ustream chat channel (or maybe there just weren’t any). Nonetheless, we had about ten stream viewers through the game, so there’s clearly interest in this format. We’ll keep working on it.

Thanks to all the interactors and performers of the day. And to Clara for organizing and getting everything set up (plus a heroic last-minute voyage in search of a video adaptor).

Map board