Tag: collaborative play

  • Help Grunk Find Lost Pig

    The as-yet-unnamed Interactive Fiction Playing group meets again to play Lost Pig, an interactive fiction piece in which we guide the orc, Grunk, to find his wayward pig. We’ll go underground, solve puzzles, meet a grumpy gnome, and help Grunk wrap his tiny brain around basic alchemy.

  • Zork Post Mortem Now Available

    An overview of our descent into the Great Underground Empire is now available. An audience of two dozen anonymous adventurers collaborated in mapping such memorable locations as the white house, Flood Control Dam #3, the Bank of Zork, and that insufferable maze.

  • The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction Presents: Zork

    Come and play Zork, where it all started. We will be venturing together into the dungeons of the Great Underground Empire on July 25 from 2:00-5:00 pm, in Building 1, room 135. (Note room change.) Can’t make it? Then join us virtually since we will be broadcasting live on Ustream.