People’s Republic At PAX East 2011

PAX East 2011

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction proudly announces its second annual mini-convention at PAX East 2011 from March 11-13. We welcome all IF enthusiasts to spend some time (or the entire weekend) in our suite located at the Westin Waterfront Hotel (room number to be announced). The suite will be open from noon-midnight on Friday and Saturday, and from noon-3pm on Sunday.

And if one suite full of IF fans wasn’t enough, on Saturday we’re devoting an entire conference room in the Westin to IF functions and fun! Best of all, both suite and conference room are open to the public! You do not need to be attending PAX to join us. Repeat: No PAX badge is necessary.

Details of our gathering can be found on our event page, but here’s a quick sampling of what to expect:

  • PAX Speed-IF: Write a short IF game in two hours!
  • Panel Discussion: Setting as character in narrative games.
  • A lightning introduction to Inform 7.
  • Collaborative IF play event: We’ll play a game of IF together>
  • IF Demo Fair: A exhibition of the latest and greatesst demonstrations in the IF world. Anyone can submit games, or game fragments, that show off new design ideas. We’ll play through them together and discuss. (Hosted by Emily Short; see announcement.
  • Food! Candy! Snacks! Drinks!
  • (And good people).

So come on over. Stop by. Relax. If last year was any indication, it’s going to be fantastic party.


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