July 2018 Meeting Post Mortem

Life of Zarf
Life of Zarf

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Thursday July 19th. Zarf, Jake, Dan, Eric W B (feneric) and R(age 10), and I welcomed newcomers Ben Collins-Sussman and dynamic duo Erik J B and F(age 8).  Warning: what follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories:

Zarf is working on his tribute to Anchorhead by Ryan Veeder, Cragne Manor in Inform , one month to complete
Zarf got a book called “Life of Zarf” found by Eric W B.
Jake playing IFComp 2017 rankings from the bottom up. Recommended Haunted P. He also shared hacking the The Murder The Fog to make it more legible.

Ben and Eric are also working on a room at Cragne Manor.

Eric w b’s daughter R is submitting to IntroComp called Space Ferrets.

Erik JB and F. Played Wishbringer

Ben Collins-Sussman from Chicago talked about playing Wizard Sniffer with his kid.

ErikJB asked how to get started writing IF.

Ben has a collaborator named jack.  Advice: Write transcript first then code.

Zarf mentioned writing to about zork inventory and Brian Moriarty at wpi teaching
INTROCOMP is going on now.

Jake mentioned Transcript competition by Emily short.

Dan uses Google docs to track his narratives. Ben uses custom emacs macros.

Ben Writing on Chromebook  using inform on Linux, can run Linux vm crostini

Zarf thinks about the puzzle first, then works out mechanics. Writing is a needed. Eric WB thinks of the place first.

Ben does flow diagram first.

Erik JB said he downloaded some tool but it didn’t work for him.  Zarf says the First decision is  to figure out whether you want parser or hypertext… Tad’s/inform/ ve twine, quest, choicescript , ink by inkwell games, curveship, vorpal for inform 7 for JavaScript hooks. Dan is writing wreck, which is on github. Zard seltani system in Myst universe.

Ben ported infocom to Android when Google Play first started. Now fabularium is an option.


Zarf says he’s planning next summer IF conference in Boston. AdventureX in London. wordplay in Toronto. We usually have a small group at PaxEast. Mentioned that Getlamp IF documentary showed at PaxEast 2010 and had a great IF turnout.

Game loop is August 4th
Boston FIG indie games Sept 29th
FiGtalks in January, great for next generation of players

Anjchang is still collecting poems of two for the Taper ezine due Sept 1st.


Cragne zarf playtest, narrated by Jake starts in the Workroom. We had a great time and got to the endish.