Fall 2018 Interactive Fiction Final Class at MIT Trip Report

Students with instructor Nick Montfort

On Dec. 11, 2018,15 projects were presented for the Fall 2018 Interactive Fiction Final Class taught by Nick Montfort. The projects were varied in aesthetic and depth, but here are some themes that were covered:

  • Nightmares
  • Different ways of dying
  • Blood
  • A dragon piece that asked the protagonist to retell their story and used metalepsis
  • Alerts and Alarms
  • Murder & Suicide
  • Weird memories
  • Tentacled aliens
  • Space Aliens and Space Travel
  • Escape Rooms 
  • Chess pieces in love
  • A satiric piece about generic game art 
  • Gender Identity
  • Fraud and Deception
  • False Imprisonment
  • Cross platform media (Instagram, Web, Twitter) stalking and perspectives on social media
  • Unread Emails (!!!)
  • Computer viruses and Tech Support Hell

Well played! Students demonstrated very interesting pieces that explored narrative variations in interesting ways.  We hope these students will continue their interaction fiction journeys to submit to IntroComp or ELO or IFcomp next year.