July 2020 Meeting Post Mortem

PR-IF July Meeting 20202
July Meeting 2020

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Monday July 27 , 2020. Zarfnickmkaysavetz  (Eaten By A Grue), nickmMark Pilgrimanjchang, feneric, Jason Scott, Dave Thompson, Richard Lamb (StrandGames), welcomed first-timer Mitch. Warning: What follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories:
Discussion of Infocom the name
Kansas Fest
C64 Cannabolt
Myst fan event
Zarf shared an awesome view of his library
Kay finished StationFall
Kay has finished Wishbringer (good times were remembered by all here)
The Lurking Horror is the last text-only Infocom game left
ELO Conference happened, good stuff.
Adventure/Zork language coopting discussion; parallels between the two games
Deadline for Taper, minimalist HTML5 E-Poetry on the Theme “Pent-Up”
Italo Calvino literary game jam on itch.io
NanoGenmo 2017 walkthrough every library branch with project gutenberg
Narrascope games review coming from Feneric
Discussion: What fonts have the best unicode coverage?
Richard mentioned BabelMap
Extend unzip and play coming to parchment games
Last month, we talked about minimalist basic games BASIC10Liner Contest
ROM basic discussion
AppleSoft programming- typewriter bell sound as you get close to end of line limit
Prisoner Game escape key knowledge
Arcadia review