July Meeting Post Mortem

July 2021 PR-IF meeting: Zarf, anjchang, Dana, Carrington, Hugh, and Kay.

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Wednesday, July 28, 2021. Zarf,  Hugh,  Dana, KaySavetz and Carrington (Eaten By A Grue), anjchang. attended. Warning: What follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories:

We’re in summer!
Zarf’s playing Blaseball https://www.blaseball.com

Blernsball in Futurama (multiball)

Mooksball the running joke in Gene Wolf novels

Europa Universalis Four

Lethis Path of Progress

Have you heard of a PunyInform game called “duck! me?”

https://neurocracy.site Dana shared about this murder mystery set in 2049 on wikipedia. Another wikipedia game to play, “Press random and always hit first article, you’ll always hit philosophy

Closer to IF comp time

Parsercomp voting runs into july

Another mysterium fan convention, the working Myst port to Apple 2 is finished!

Kay & Carrington KansasFest happened! This year’s buzz- an Apple 2 game in unity with virtualized Apple 2, Next year July 19th-24th mark your calendars.

Kay read Meanwhile, and bought the App. Looking for disparities between print and digital version.
Zarf shared his story of working on it with Jason Shiga. On the digital version, the giant squid has to be reached by selecting squid panel manually.

Kay and Carrington — Zork Zero being played on Eaten By A Grue “It’s kicking my butt” says Carrington!

Should interactive fiction support note taking or map making?
Hugh exploring map making- what’s the ideal map? What about running to the edge of the paper?
Carrington puts forth helping the reader with a “hypothetical map orientation suggestion”
Hugh what about up of down, how do you know where you start on that next paper.
Rooms help you keep examining every object all at once. Hadean lands, room count function of number of items in the room description.

Zarf on his drag & drop IF project, redid the interface based on tabs rather than fake, tiny windows in the web browser. He submitted a proposal talk about it to Rogue Like Celebration in September.

Working on 1933-era C memory management compiler project

Angela working on coloring duck story for parents to read to their kids.
Chicory, cartoon puppy with paint brush. It’s a children’s story talking about deep topics.
Baba Is You is technically a parser based text adventure. A block pushing parser, zarf & anj enjoyed it.

Cool Gear: Steam Deck
Kay’s excited about getting a PlayDate

Kay messing with ffmpeg

Carrington likes that PunyInform Game Development is simple

Narrascope call for volunteers will be going out sometime in November

Zarf shared a home decoration poster— is it filled with clues to zarfs next game! Love it!

Hugh used Inkscape, recommends Affinity Designer as a graphics package.

We imagine a game “Get back to Normal, the COVID game” Lolz all around!