December PR IF Post Mortem

Dec 2022 PR IF meetup

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Tuesday, Dec. 20,. 2022 over zoom.   ZarfanjchangCarrington (Eaten By A Grue), HughKyrill, Michael Hilborn, Emilie Z,  Josh Grams,  Kathryn,  Stephen Eric Jablonski, and Dana Freitas attended.  Warning: What follows is perhaps not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories.

Carrington is reviewing Hadean Lands on Eaten By A Grue. Discussion about reset command in Hadean Lands. Hugh found a bug in EBAG show dates.

In the podcast they mentioned, Jason Shiga’s Leviathan which is now on Steam!

What we’re playing:

The author has been running a mailing list game “Inbox Adventure: Interactive Fiction via Email”
Check out this author, Geoffrey Golden giving his talk at Narrascope video. Also check out misadventure snack, a form that collects ideas for guiding an interactive IF game.

Call for talks on Narrrascope is up

Zarf has been judging for indie game festival (IGF) this year. Mention of some of the games he’s judging:

  • Betrayal at Club Low (Alt Geek City environment)
  • Midnight Girl
  • Butterfly soup 2 (asian teenagers growing up in america)
  • Beacon Pines (point and click adventure)

Emilie and Angela attended Nick’s Interactive Narratives final project class:

  • Ginseng Soup
  • Lost in the Woods
  • Rubber Ducky

Zarf did a tiny game in November
Advent mirror short IFpuzzlegame

Next year is the 9th anniversary of Hadean Lands , plan to release
Trope tank has a copy of physical book of Hadean Lands.

Life and Suffering of Sir Brante– medieval narrative

Kyrill found it interesting they games they deal with slow time. These games explore the “dead time” as something productive to get you involveed deeper into the world of the game. Exploring what happens when nothing is happening.For example in Pentiment, referring to the slow time in medieval age. Everything is thoughtful and meaningful. Heidegger’s theories about a broken tool eliciting out what people think. “A perfect tool is a broken tool. ” Invites the thought that humans are in constant repair.

Beyond the Chiron Gate bay John Ayliff deals with exploring alien technology. Also mentioned Voyageurs by Bruno Dias, Out there by Ayliff . Concept of procedurally generated planet description with more of a plot line.

Gods will be watching– a semi strategy game.

Kyrill is working with Jim Andrews on a bigger version of Sea of Power, a larger version of “Sea of 9” from Taper. Idea of control over text.

Kathryn has been reading Adventure Games: Playing the Outsider

Carrington working with Kay on beta testing his PunyInform adventure. Check out DORM Adventure!

Emilie is finishing up her dating simulator! Sunflowers and god reference. Sunflowers are invasive and alien-looking! Carrington just went to a sunflower maze in the fall.