September PR-IF Post Mortem

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Thursday, Sept. 28th Zarf, Doug, Stephen Eric Jablonski, Hugh, Andrew Stephens, and anjchang. Warning: What follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories.

Discussion of saved game format. Storing deltas vs storing the full state game. Advantage of storing deltas. But you need intelligent merge of old save objects with new deltas. Making a system like that reliable is very difficult.

Recap of MIT Museum after Dark. Meeting David and Michael was amazing! Discussion of influence of Adventure, the idea that we need “more like this,” Zork treasure mechanics.

NIck Montfort’s gallery at the Trope Tank The Hops Ahead Exhibit will be running until Friday 6pm. There are 18 works by artists responding to the interactive narrative themes and ideas in Hopscotch by   Julio Cortázar

Narratives where you don’t know what the character knows. Dramatic irony.

Hugh talked about his if comp game submission. It was enjoyed as we talked about the challenges on mobile and text input, also the size of images. A lot of games write their own keyboard for better layout and ergonomics. Fun fact, DAZ graphics from came first, and then the story around it. Kit bashing for graphics. Andrew working on his own game with Blender. Extreme stylization. Angela starts with Tinkercad and imports models into Blender later.

Hugh was working on an IFcomp story. it yesterday via weblink. Written in his own language for Strand games. Went on a deep dive of his source code. His story platform is open source.

IF COMP voting coming up! Go Play!