Dec 2023 PR-IF Post Mortem

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Friday, Dec. 29, 2023 online. Doug, anjchang, Stephen Eric Jablonski, Hugh (StrandGames), and Josh attended.  Warning: What follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories.

We generally discussed books that we are reading and homemade gifts. We also talked about games we played. Hugh shared about his holiday adventure in Greece. Reminded anj of the happy people on the islands in the game Islanders she’s playing now.

The books about Winston Breen, set of puzzle books by Eric Berlin was shared by Doug. Puzzles are part of the narrative.

XYZZY Awards nominations just closed. Doug played Played best games from 2022 nomination. Recommended”According to Cain” by Jim Nelson you’re going back in time to investigate the biblical story of Adam and Even. He had a narrascope talk about it. Plan to play nominations for best puzzles.

Narrascope 2024 announced in June 21-23 in Rochester, Museum of Play. Sign up for news on the mailing list. Do you want to present? Now’s the time to submit talk proposals by Feb. 2nd.

Zarf making updates to the ifarchive admin tool.

Josh played the “Big Game” by MathBrush Never Gives Up For Dead

Aaron Reed just released 50 years of Text games print edition

Taper 11 Parallels was released. 25 works by 22 authors meditating on the theme of Paralells and the number 11.

The Case of the Thinky Game jam Josh played Archipelago Explorer, puzzle game using none other than Google Slides made in MSPaint.

If you have a photobucket account , they are ransoming accounts. To get your data, you go through the whole deletion process and click the “Free trial 7 day” link in order to get access to your photos.

Stephen reading “The Zork Chronicles” and playing “the lost city of Zork” (book 6) of the chronicles. The books are interesting and are followups to the games. Planetfall is a sequel to StageFall and Planetfall. Each book advertises the next, e.g. StationFall links to FutureFall. Lost City of Zork takes place a generation after Zork, so the characters are exploring the same areas from playing the game. Characters appear in the worlds of other books by George Effinger. Other interesting books related to that on amazon Conquest at Quendor and Forces of Krill.

Hugh discussed his IFComp experience as an author who submitted Solaris‘. Here are some other short games by StrandGames

Hugh’s currently got some other ideas for games. Stay tuned!