April 2019 Meeting Post Mortem

April 2019 meeting post mortem

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Zarf, dougorleans, nickm, anjchang welcomed Kevin Gold, a familiar face resurfacing to talk about volunteering at Narrascope. Yay Kevin! Check out more photos here.

The big topic: Jason Scott does infocom games on GitHub tweet
Activision and Infocom walk down memory lane, the disc company history
Copyright discussion — Code takedown vs. Monetary damage
Piece decode copyright discussion
SW is considered a literary work
first copytrighted software a was a COBOL program for stopping distances
Zil compiler, no code
Historical sources is the name of the repository
Excited to see what people can do with it — code studies, bug fixes, reintrepretations
Myst imagery 25th anniversary coming up 3D
No copyright protection for typography presentations
Nick mentions Sebastian Bartlett’s work on arcade game ROMs and study of reverse engineering binaries

SW engineering ideas psychonometric complexity
Disassembly to machine code
Zarf approach graph complexity. Object property grab
Can you pet the dog?

Kevin. “Meaningful” complexity is the hard part
Kevin mentions Node Al 2013 example
Indiana Jones temple of doom. You need the manual. Complexity is in the head
Nick Barnstorming exploit in 2600 tool assisted speed run
Complexity is how they signify
Doug. External knowledge of world require can AI solve that
Space Quest 4– knowledge needed to avoid being impregnated by alien kiss by wearing a trash can on head– delayed effect

Spring 2020 Trope tank space changes mentioned
Bldg 14 renovation in spring 2020
Openness to the community is important
Summer 2020 meetings may move
Narrascope tours vs bringing things over discussion
Dweblings tour of the tunnels is highly regarded
Jason Dyer bringing material to Narrascope
Narraascope sponsorship report
Emily passed along a link to twine neural net groupings of spring thing entries, style, subject, structure
Zack Whalen ELO presentation on nanogenmo computer-generated novels
Anonymous games are identifiable, plagiarism!
Neural net generation for Hadrian lands foray mentioned
Can AI learn to write a program?
Tender buttons Gertrude Stein attempt at Inform natural language mentioned
Probabilistic-context free grammars
Sofian Audrey’s For the sleepers
open close quotes — AI can learn to do this

April issue Leonardo mentioned article on Ranking Internet Artists   (pdf)
Magic cards text and illustrations
Ross Goodwin. Word.Camera
Word image
Doodle to neural network style mapping
No copyright on 3d models

–apologies for the late post. May’s post will follow along shortly.- anj