May 2019 Meeting Post Mortem

 May 2019 Pr-IF meeting

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. Judy, Zarf,, nickm, anjchang,, Kevin Gold welcomed Yaron (from Brandeis). Check out more photos here

Attendees at narrascope over 200+
Registration ended on Friday May
Zarf recommends Heaven’s vault. the choice based narrative plays well. Recap is smooth and based on what you know.
Can you be misled by recap?
Mental rewiring in a game
Report from systems conference — Bandersnatch discussion
What ending doesn’t matter so much as how you get there
Anj workshop- played Mrs. Pepper’s Nasty Secret — 5-6 old kids had problem with compass directions
Baba is you
Zarf making a map for Narrascope
Vice wrote up synchrony
@party coming up
Terminal time by Michael Mateas
9:05 by Adam Cadre
Motivation based endings Stanislavian
Must tour
May 22 expected taper 3
Exapunks. Programming games
Astrologaster funny Shakespearean roleplay
Dating simulation
Heavy rain noon narrative elements
Need people to link github binaries for infocom games

No June meeting. Check us out at Narrascope!