Narrascope Day 1 Trip report 2019

You find yourself outside on a sunny Friday afternoon. The notification on your phone tells you that it is Friday, June 14th, 2019. Almost 6:30 pm and you’re rushing to make sure you’re early for the first day of Narrascope. You hustle into the Stata, and are greeted by the friendly people at the registration booth:

Registration: Justin and zarf

After much polite greeting, you take the badge, the gender pronoun flag, and the awesome swag.

You stop to chat at the Game Workers Unite booth to express solidarity with the lifeblood of the gaming industry and partake in a few rounds of bingo cash. You’ve gotta fight for your rights=, ya know!
You look around at the smiling attendees at registration. There are so many familiar and famous faces. You’re glad you’re here.
You take selfies with a whole bunch of people, like this one with Jake.
You go to a workshop with Brandon Desilets “Teach Lamp.” You really wish you could clone yourself so that you could also attend “Twine Untangled” with Chris Klimas and Stuart Moulthrop or “Make Lamp” with Anastasia Salter and Judith Pintar.
After milling about after the workshop, you decide to follow some friendly folks for some chillaxing over dinner and margaritas at Naco Tacos.
As you celebrate into the wee hours on the first night of Narrascope, you wish you could go back in time and experience that joy of finding this creative tribe again.

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