April 2020 Meeting Post Mortem

Zarf, Brendan,  hilborn, nickm, kaysavetz  (Eaten By A Grue), kgagme, Mark Pilgrim, anjchang, dan, and jmac. Warning: What follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories:

APRIL 24-27 • 40+ GAMES, 10+ PANELS, 50 SALES

Talked about Narrascope planning, twitch streaming

Ken (kaysavetz) finished Beyond Zork with Carrington for Eaten By A Grue
-recommendation to listen to it by Brendan

Mark Pilgrim says Ken found a bug that only manifests itself in pitch dark in Virtual2 emulator PitchDark, trying to play PlanetFall

Zarf, picked up old interpreter todo items
goal for this weekend autosave functionality
Good to hear about interpreters being updated
Spatterlight is now a supported interpreter again

Brendan’s Library IF Club Expanding the size of the group. might play Deadline

Nick Montfort will be teaching IF course and considering CYOA gamebooks that are worth studying.
Sherlock Holmes Escape Book by Orman Desacker
Lost in Austen

Tenth anniversary of MeanWhile
CYOA books
if by nicolas bourbaki

Spring thing is going on until the end of the month

Kay – bunch of solutions to adventure games,
Kids maps and solutions by Compute books
Return to Zork adventurers guide
Conquering adventure games by Carl Townsend
Zork Nemesis unauthorized
Keys to the Kingdoms
Book of adventure games Kim Schuette
Book of adventure games Volume 2
Quest for Clues, Book of Orcs
Quest for Clues, manual of
The greatest games, 93 best computer games of all time
Questboxers the Book of Clues

Zarf got another book on solving strategies book

jmac Recommendation of https://bluerenga.blog/ Jason Dyer’s blog rediscovering all these inventive old game mechanics.

nickm Basic 10 liner contest https://vintageisthenewold.com/2020-basic-10-liner-contest-is-live-and-celebrating-the-10th-anniversary/

Petscii Jetski

Kay did a game called cabbage for that competition 2016. Wolf, Goat and Cabbage problems. 2 rooms, 3 items, 1 puzzle for Atari 8 bit.

Jason MacIntosh recommendation for Ryan Veeder’s Authentic Fly Fishing https://rcveeder.net/flyfishing/

Zarf played a text adventure “in other waters” on Steam. graphical game with map, UI of the suit https://store.steampowered.com/app/890720/In_Other_Waters/

Zarf also mentions “Still There” most of it is dialogue with space station. parser based.

Pitch Dark coming out emulator

Taper 4 is out. Submissions for the next issue is due July 31st.