June 2020 Meeting Post Mortem

Pr-IF June 24, 2020

zarf, bdesilets,  hilborn, nickm, kaysavetz  (Eaten By A Grue), kgagne, Mark Pilgrim, anjchang, JP Tuttle, feneric, dan, Bill Maya attended. Warning: What follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories:
Kay Savage shared Scavange – a text adventure for the Atari 8-bit

Darkcode1 https://mirrors.apple2.org.za/ground.icaen.uiowa.edu/MiscInfo/Hardware/a2memory

Ken asked if “Lantern” crossed this group’s radar? The author, Evan Wright, wrote about it for Juiced.GS, a hardcopy magazine.


Feneric has played the bulk of the NarraScope Game Jam games. (There are a few he can’t play because they’re MS-Win only.) anjchang has played some too. Mention of the massive itch.io social justice bundle

anjchang asks if anyone has played The Infections Madness of Doctor Dekker

Kay’s baby name generator for the 100DaysOfCode https://twitter.com/KaySavetz/status/1275803895852199936/photo/1

Kay mentions the BASIC 10 line contest https://gkanold.wixsite.com/homeputerium

Check out the ANTIC Interview 385 – Software Automatic Mouth: Mark Barton https://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-385-software-automatic-mouth-mark-barton

Mention of Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” music video? https://youtu.be/8Gv0H-vPoDc

feneric notes that one of the NarraScope Game Jam entries was something like that. It’s time-based and emits lines of text on its own schedule.

anjchang is reading a kinetic poetry thesis by Álvaro Seiça http://bora.uib.no/handle/1956/17267 in preparation for the upcoming Taper zine deadline.

Ken suggested GIANT QR CODE

J.P. Tuttle mentioned Blender things: https://imgur.com/a/S6qX2 @Party reference https://files.scene.org/view/parties/2019/atparty19/real_wild/jpt9_wild_gfx.tar.gz